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Cafes Internet en Bolivia

Esta es una convocatoria a los propietarios de cafes internet en Bolivia. Se les solicita escribir a admin arroba con su informacion de contacto para ser incluidos en un directorio que estoy lanzando pronto. Necesito los siguientes datos: Nombre … Continue reading

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Timeline of the Santos Ramirez Scandal

Here is the timeline of the scandal, loosely translated from a Bolivian blog, that is currently shaking the government of Evo Morales to its core: January 27, 2009 – Four or five armed bandits assault and kill Jorge O’Connor D’Arlach, … Continue reading

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Ministros de Bolivia – Febrero 2009

Esta es la lista de ministros de Bolivia de acuerdo a la página de la presidencia de la república. Esta lista la obtuve el 16 de Febrero del 2009. CARTERA RESPONSABLE Ministra de Desarrollo Productivo Susana Rivero Guzmán Ministra de … Continue reading

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Worse than Watergate

With the revelation that the intellectual authors of the O’Connor robbery and murder have extensive links to multiple leaders of the governing party, including the president’s brother, it looks increasingly likely that the scandal will make the Watergate episode look … Continue reading

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