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Timeline of the Santos Ramirez Scandal

Here is the timeline of the scandal, loosely translated from a Bolivian blog, that is currently shaking the government of Evo Morales to its core: January 27, 2009 – Four or five armed bandits assault and kill Jorge O’Connor D’Arlach, … Continue reading

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Worse than Watergate

With the revelation that the intellectual authors of the O’Connor robbery and murder have extensive links to multiple leaders of the governing party, including the president’s brother, it looks increasingly likely that the scandal will make the Watergate episode look … Continue reading

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¿Cuántos años más durará la presidencia de Evo Morales?

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What is ETA doing in Bolivia?

The Spanish newspaper El País published yesterday a detailed account of the contacts between Basque activists linked to ETA and Bolivian government officials. Alvaro García Linera, the Bolivian vice-president, is one of the politicians who seem to have had several … Continue reading

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Tratados y Diplomacia

Prácticamente desde la fundación de Bolivia se ha tratado al servicio diplomático como una herramienta para recompensar a los correligionarios del gobierno de turno. El resultado para el país ha sido nefasto. Desde el tratado con Chile de 1904, por … Continue reading

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Oil & Gas

The Bolivian government announced today that it is temporarily suspending the nationalization of the oil and gas industry. The reason cited is a lack of funds for YPFB, the state oil company. I find it hard to understand how the … Continue reading

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Etcheverri, Moreno, and Evo Morales?

Until today, the most famous Bolivian soccer players were Marco Antonio Etcheverri and Jaime Moreno. However, with the news that Evo Morales broke his nose playing soccer, I think our president has a shot at becoming even better known. Doesn’t … Continue reading

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Not all privatizations are equal, or why Evo Morales became president

I’m reposting here a comment I made recently in the von Mises Institute blog. My comment was in response to a discussion about the policies that Evo Morales is pursuing. What I’m hoping to achieve is that people who are … Continue reading

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More on Evo Morales

Another project that my friend Rodrigo Peñaloza has worked on resulted in the Evo Morales interview now available in a British web site. I’m not very familiar with British television, but I found the interviewer’s style to be quite confrontational. … Continue reading

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Evo Morales on PBS

One of my friends from high-school has been providing logistical support to foreign journalists in Bolivia. The result of one of his projects, a very interesting report on Evo Morales, is available on the PBS web site.

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