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Maps of Bolivia / Cordillera Real Recreation Map

Cordillera Real Recreation Map
Second Edition
© Copyright 1998 by Liam P. O'Brien
Cordillera Real Recreation Map
Note: We are showing just a very small
part of the map.

Map Description
Guide to the Inca Trails

Map Details

Material: Plastic
Height: 27.2" (69 cm)
Width: 38.9" (98 cm)
Scale: 1 : 150,000
Language: Spanish/ English

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This map was compiled, designed, produced and publish by Liam P. O'Brien, USA.
Topographic information was extracted from the IGM 1:50,000 scale maps, the Defense Mapping Agency 1:100,000 scale maps and the Club Alpino Alemán 1: 50,000 scale maps of the Cordillera Real Sud and Norte.


The map shows small and large towns, principal and secondary roads, tracks, trails, Inca trails, railroads, lakes, rivers, and dams. The map is color coded by terrain type (woodland, scrub, open, urban, glacier, and flood plain). Contour elevations are shown in meters.

Some of the mountains shown in the map are:

  • Illimani
  • Janq'uma
  • Illampu
  • Huayna Potosí
  • Chachakumani
  • Mururata

Note that the map shows all the Cordillera Real mountains north of Illimani.

Guide to the Inca Trails

A detailed guide to the Inca Trail is printed in the back of the map. Information is provided for the Choro, Takesi and Yunga Cruz Inca trails. The Guide features information on starting and ending points, transportation schedules and fees, itineraries as well as trekking directions.

If you have questions before placing an order, please contact us.

About the Author

Liam O'Brien's career as a cartographer spans twenty years, fifteen of which were spent in Latin America doing mapping work for the Inter American Geodesic Survey. Between 1993-96, Mr. O'Brien worked in Bolivia at the Instituto Geográfico Militar creating the national mapping series.

During his stay in Bolivia he hiked and climbed extensively in the Cordillera Real and published an article about it in the 1996 American Alpine Journal. He also measured the heights of the Sajama and Illimani mountains using GPS equipment.

When he was not climbing the Andes, Mr. O'Brien was traveling with his family around Bolivia. He completed road trips from La Paz to Beni, Pando, Santa Cruz, Argentina, Paraguay and Chile.

Liam O'Brien just visited Bolivia and finish the Second Edition of the Cordillera Real Recreation Map.

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