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Maps of Bolivia / Hydrogeological Map of Bolivia

Hydrogeological Map of Bolivia
© Copyright 1997 by BGR & SERGEOMIN
Hydrological Map of Bolivia
Note: We are showing just a very small
part of the map.

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Material: Glossy Paper
Height: 26.2" (66.5 cm)
Width: 39" (99 cm)
Scale: 1 : 2,500,000
Language: Spanish

Unit Price: US$32.95

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This map was designed, produced and published by the Instituto Federal de Geociencias y Recursos Naturales (Geoscience and Natural Resources Federal Institute) and the Servicio Nacional de Geología y Minería (National Service of Geology and Mining). Engeneers involved in the project: Alfredo Soria, José Lizarazu, Luis Cortés among others. The map was compiled by the Convenio Boliviano-Alemán de Aguas Subterráneas (CABAS-BGR), 1997.


The map is color coded by water supply reservoir type and water quality. It includes a geological nomenclature section (e.g. paleozoic, cretasic, triasic, permic, etc.)  reference to hydrogeological and water reservoir regions according to system (e.g. highland, Andean watershed, Amazonean watershed, etc.). Hydrogeological data also available.

In addition, the map features two small color-coded maps:

  • Isoyets Map (1948-1978)
  • Bolivian Hydrogeological Province Map

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