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On the Trail of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Butch Cassidy was christened Robert Leroy Parker by his Mormon pioneer parents. The Sundance Kid's real name was Harry Longabaugh. The two and their gang, known as the Wild Bunch, held up banks and robbed trains in the Rocky Mountains in the 1890s.

With the law following them, they fled to Argentina in 1901, along with Sundance's girlfriend, Etta Place. The three homesteaded a ranch in the Cholila Valley. By 1905, though, they were back to robbing banks.

Most historians believe that Butch and Sundance died in a shoot-out in San Vincente, a town in southern Bolivia, where they had fled after robbing the payroll of the Aramayo Mining Co. that was being carried on a mule. After a patrol discovered them holed up in a rented hut, gunfight ensued, ending when darkness fell. Later that night, townspeople reported hearing screams and two shots. In the morning, they found the outlaws dead, both shot in the head. Badly wounded during the gunfight, the outlaws had chosen to commit suicide rather than fall captive.

Chronology of Facts

  • Tupiza: after leaving Argentina, Cassidy and his gang stayed in Tupiza long enough to commit their first robbery in Bolivian territory.
  • Portugalete: a ghost mining town near San Vicente, as Cassidy must have seen it shortly before his death.
  • Tatasi: mining town in the region.
  • Telamayu: a mining town very close to the spot where Cassidy and Sundance Kid robbed the payroll money of the Aramayo Mining Co that was being carried on a mule.
  • San Vicente: the mining town where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were killed.

Note: Corrections to the original text have been made according to suggestions made by Daniel Buck co-author of the "Wild Bunch". See next link.

Additional Links

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