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Photo Gallery / Visitor's Photos

Share your photos with us!

If you have scanned pictures of Bolivian landscapes, you can send them to us. Your name and pictures will be displayed! See instructions for details.

Take a look at the some photos contributed by some friends around the world:

John McLaughlin, USA (colorful and well-taken pictures)
Perenzin Stefano, Italy (photos of cities and towns)new01.gif (172 bytes)
Christian Eide, Norway (great and original shots)
Paul Legros, Canada (wide variety of colors and views)
Daniel Rogers (unusual shots; wish we had more)
Simón Torrico, Bolivia (nice pictures from Oruro)new01.gif (172 bytes)
Elmar Enssle, Germany (picture of  Trinidad)new01.gif (172 bytes)
Helga Frostmo, Norway (wish we had more, too)
Marco de Jesus, US (one original photo)new01.gif (172 bytes)


  1. Save your photos as JPEG files. To do that, you can use Adobe PhotoShop or Jasc's Paint Shop Pro (you can download this program for free as a trial version).

  2. Compress them using a file compression utility. If you do not have one, you can download WinZip for free as a trial version from

  3. Attach your zipped file to an e-mail message.

  4. In your e-mail include a short description of the places featured in your pictures.

  5. Send your message to

Note: Bolivia Web reserves the right to choose which photos are to be published in its web site.

Have questions or comments? Please send them to the address specified above. Thanks!

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