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      John McLaughlin, USA

Chajana Fields Chajana Valley Desolation
Dragon's Tooth Flamingos Gate of the Sun, Tiahuanaku
Illampu Mountain with a Village Illampu Mountain La Paz city and Illimani
Lake Titicaca at a little fishing village La Paz city Shoe Shine Boys
The rocks at Chajana The Valley of the Moon The Village of San Lorenzo


      Perenzin Stefano, Italy

Church in Santa Cruz Building in Cochabamba (Plaza 14 de Septiembre)   Church in Cochabamba
Woman at work Three in the bridge Mountains and a lake near Chacaltaya
Landscape near Chacaltaya

Saint Francisco's church in La Paz

A tipical street of La Paz
Houses Puerta del Sol in Tiwanaku Llama near Titicaca lake
Copacabana Palacio Prefectural in Santa Cruz Little market in Santa Cruz





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