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Bolivia Views Screen Saver

Bolivia Views Screen Saver 1.0

Beautiful Bolivian landscapes are present in Bolivia Views 1.0.
Software Requirements
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Download a FREE Trial Version of Bolivia Views
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(zipped file, 1.26 MB)
You need WinZip to unzip the file

If you like Bolivia Views, please buy the registered version.

Unit Price: US$9.95

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Introducing an exciting screen saver that will protect your screen and will make it look bright and joyful. Bolivia Views 1.0 brings to your screen beautiful Bolivian landscapes for your delight.

Bolivia Views 1.0 offers the following great features:

Over 20 display/hide effects
Control over the speed of each effect
Single-EXE setup program
Automatic Install/Uninstall
Easy customization of settings
Compatibility with Microsoft Plus!
Resizable screen images
Randomize almost any aspect of your screen saver
Free technical support (via e-mail)
Free updates

Software Requirements

Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0


To install Bolivia Views Screen Saver, complete the following steps:

1. Unzip using your favorite file compression utility. If you do not have one, you can download Win Zip for free as a trial version at

2. To unzip, double click on it. It will prompt the WinZip program you have installed in you computer. Once WinZip is open, you will see the executable file bolviews10.exe.

3. Run the bolviews10.exe by double clicking on it, and follow the simple on-screen instructions.

The installation process is the same for the Trial Version.

If you want to customize the screen saver, once you have installed it,
please go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, Display, then choose the Screen Saver tab, and click on the Settings button. Once there, you can customize transitions, the time for the screen saver to start, etc.

Legal Notice

All photos used in Bolivia Views are exclusive property of Bolivia Web.

For questions regarding this product, write to



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