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Hotels in Uyuni

Travel guide > Uyuni

More and more people are traveling to Uyuni, Bolivia on their vacations. Most of the people are looking to see the massive salt flats as well as to experience the local culture and customs that Bolivia has to offer. It is a lovely little town, and some of the visitors choose to stay in hostels, such as Hostel International Salar de Uyuni. However, the hostel life isn't for everyone. Thus, the hotel business in Uyuni has been booming in recent years. The following are some of the most frequented hotels in town.

The Tonito Hotel

This hotel has a total of twenty rooms, all of which are private. Most of the rooms come with their own bathrooms, however, you can find rooms that are about half of the price that come with shared bathrooms. For example, a single private room with a bathroom is about $20. The same single room that has a shared bathroom would cost you about $8. It all depends on just how much privacy you desire.

This hotel is conveniently located a mere five minute walk from the bus station. In addition, the hotel boasts the Minuteman restaurant, renowned for their pizza and pasta.

Hotel Avenida

The Hotel Avenida is located in the center of town, and is very close to the train station, which makes it a convenient place for many travelers to stay. This is a very affordable place to stay. Most of the rooms are under $10, and even come with their own private bathrooms.

Another reason that this is such a popular place for travelers to stay is that it is very close to the tour operators.

Luna Salada Hotel

This is easily one of the world's unique hotels, and is something that every traveler to the area should experience. This hotel is created entirely from salt! The Luna Salada Hotel isn't located in the town directly in the town of Uyuni, but is very close to the famous salt flats. The hotel has 23 rooms with bathroom facilities, and it is even possible to book a family room (which is actually two rooms).

This hotel is a bit more expensive than the others in the area are but are still far cheaper than most budget hotels across the United States. For the unique experience of staying in a hotel made of salt, the price is very small.

Before booking a hotel of any kind, visit to find the best deals available.

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Last Updated 04 July, 2008 - 11:55 AM -0400

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