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Recommended Uyuni Tours

Travel guide > Uyuni

Located in Bolivia is a small town that is becoming more and more popular with tourists from around the world. Uyuni is a small town that has become famous for the salt flats that are located just outside the town. Yet, people come to Uyuni for more than just the salt –a number of attractions and multiple-day tours that take off from Uyuni that are quickly gaining popularity.

When taking a multiple-day tour, you will leave from the town of Uyuni and visit a number of very picturesque destinations. Be sure to bring your camera (as well as plenty of batteries and digital storage media or film) as you are likely to see plenty of things that will beg for your camera's attention.

By far the most popular destination for any tour, private or self guided, are the salt flats, huge flat expanses of salt. The area was once a great inland sea, which accounts for all of the salt deposits. You can also see the salt mounds, a place where the locals gather the salt into large mounds for drying before it is sent off and processed.

One of the stranger things you might get to see on a tour are the Eyes of Water, a place where mineral rich water bubbles to the surface of the salty ground. Another strange place that you can visit (and perhaps even stay, depending on the tour) is the salt hotel. As the name suggests, the hotel is made entirely of salt!

Some of the tours will take you further afield and into the foothills and forests – some even to the Andes! You might even get a chance to go hiking around Laguna Colorada (Red Lake) and see the flamingos that gather there. Some tours even take you to an Incan burial ground.

In fact, you will find so many things to see around Uyuni, there is a good chance that you will want to come back and visit again, perhaps to take another tour.

You will be able to choose from several different guides and tour operations that will bring you around to the different locations around Uyuni. Be sure that you do a bit of research before you begin your travel – many tours require you to book in advance, and some only leave on certain days. Know as much as you can about the tour before you begin and you are sure to be much happier with your choice. Not to mention you'll know exactly what you are getting and where you are going!

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