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Getting to Uyuni

Travel guide > Uyuni

More and more travelers are deciding to take eco-holidays, trips that bring them to different parts of the world so they can see all the natural wonders it has to offer. One of the most popular destinations, especially in recent years, is Uyuni, Bolivia.

Many might be wondering what this small city (population around 14,000) has to offer, and the answers that most people would give are the salt flats, the famous Salar de Uyuni. While this is true and the 4WD tours are probably the most popular tourist destinations in the area, there are other things to see, such as the archaeological museum and the train graveyard.

Getting There

How does one go about getting to such a seemingly remote spot? Well, you can find a number of different way, including plane, train, and automobile.

You could take a bus. Depending on where you board the bus, the time that it takes to reach Uyuni will differ greatly. From La Paz, the trip is about twelve hours, from Oruro it is about four hours, and from Potosi it is around seven hours. You will always want to make sure you have your tickets in advance and that you don't miss your bus. If you do, you might be waiting for a few hours before the next bus comes through.

Trains leave daily on trips back and forth from Oruro and Tupiza, and you might even be able to catch a flight from Cochabamba. The flights only arrive about once a week however, so it might not be the most convenient way of getting to your destination.

Perhaps the best way of getting to Uyuni is by renting a car in another one of the cities. You can drive at your own pace, and even sleep in the car if it comes down to it. You can leave the car in Uyuni when you take your tours and then pick it up again when you get back. It certainly is convenient.

Staying There

When you finally get to Uyuni, there is a good chance that you will be staying there for a day or two before you take off on your tour of the Salar de Uyuni and the surrounding wilderness. This means that you will need a place to stay.

You can choose from one of the hostels, such as the Hostel International Salar de Uyuni or in one of the hotels, such as the Tonito hotel. The famous Minuteman Pizza is also located at the Tonito, which makes it not only a nice place to stay, but a delicious one as well!

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Last Updated 04 July, 2008 - 11:55 AM -0400

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