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Administrators have total control over every aspect of the bulletin board. Administrators are able to set moderators for each forum, set permissions for any registered user, and edit/remove messages.

Moderators are the ringleaders for each forum. Each forum can have its own moderator, but one person may be a moderator in multiple forums. An administrator may also be a moderator. Moderators have the ability to edit/remove messages from their particular forum(s). They cannot change permissions for a particular users, however. Only administrators can change user permissions.

Members are registered users of the bulletin board that have posted at least 10 messages. Members can edit their own profiles, but may not edit/remove messages, set user permissions, or assign moderators.

Junior Members
Junior Members are registered users who have posted fewer than 10 messages. Their privileges are identical to those of Members.

BB Code
BB Code is an HTML-like tag set that allows bulletin board writers to add additional functionality to their posts. Current BB Code functions include hyperlinking URLs and email addresses.

A Forum is a broad discussion area covering a particular interest. Each forum may be controlled by a particular moderator assigned to lead discussion efforts and minimize abuse.

A Topic is a discussion point within a Forum.  Any registered user can start a new Topic within a Forum. 

A Reply is a post that is in response to an existing topic. Any registered user can post a reply.

A Thread is a conversation within a forum that includes a topic (the post that started the conversation) and all replies to that topic.


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