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Bolivia Web makes its content available to the public free of charge, "as is". Bolivia Web does its best to maintain its service, but cannot be responsible for any inaccuracies, inadequacies, defects, or errors that may be discovered in it or for any consequences, financial or otherwise, that might arise from said errors.

Except for information provided explicitly by Bolivia Web, information reached through use of the Bolivia Web directory service is the property of and provided by its owner. It is specifically understood that Bolivia Web does not undertake to filter, edit or censor the content of information accessed on the network and Bolivia Web is not liable for the content of such information.

Bolivia Web cannot guarantee that any information contained in the sites that it indexes will be free of viruses or anything else destructive to the user's system or that this information will have content that may be considered inappropriate or objectionable. Bolivia Web will not be responsible for any inappropriate or objectionable material placed in the Guestbook, Bolivia Web Classifieds, White Pages, Add your Link, and Chat Corner pages, since it may contain adult-oriented vocabulary and/or comments. Bolivia Web also will not be responsible for the use or misuse of any information contained in its index or any legal consequences that may arise therefrom. Any responsibility or liability for this information and the use or misuse thereof lies solely with the user.

Although Bolivia Web tries to index every site submitted to it through the "Add your Link" page, as soon as it can, it does not guarantee that any site will be included in its index, or that any addition to its index be processed within any given amount of time. Bolivia Web reserves the right not to index a Web page if it determines that the content of that page is not adequate or related to the content that Bolivia Web compiles. Bolivia Web also reserves the right not to index a Web page or site if it determines by means of human or automated review that this page or site has been created with the intention of taking advantage of the Bolivia Web service by means of its content or design.

Bolivia Web does not identify itself with any political party, religious tendency or any particular group.

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