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Six reasons to advertise in Bolivia Web

  1. Visibility. When you advertise in Bolivia Web, you open the doors to the more than 1,600 visitors Bolivia Web receives every day. No other site about Bolivia can offer you the same potential traffic of visitors interested in Bolivia, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.  Services such as chat rooms, electronic postcards, classified ads, and e-mail directory are currently drawing more than 30,000 visitors per month.
  2. Quality. If you advertise in Bolivia Web, you will benefit from the image we have cultivated in for over 5 years. Just compare our site with any other similar web site. We can assert with confidence that we have the best-quality and most prestigious Bolivian web site, fact supported by recognition given to us such by Looksmart, a division of well known Reader's Digest .
  3. Expertise. Our staff is pioneer in developing Internet and intranet applications used in major companies around the world. Being at the technological vanguard allows us not only to fulfill your current requirements, but also future necessities your company might have. Bolivia Web has more than three years of successful existence, a direct consequence of the expertise of our members.
  4. Better rates. Bolivia Web derives most part of its income from online advertising and electronic commerce solutions. Therefore, we are able to offer your company highly competitive rates for the services we provide.
  5. Easy access. If you advertise with us, your banner will be placed in our ad rotator system, in a preferential area. Moreover, our search engine, exclusively dedicated to links of Bolivian companies, will allow your web site to be easily and quickly found whenever a visitor is looking for information about companies in your industry.
  6. Monthly reports. As a client you will be entitled to receive monthly reports of the number of banner impressions (number of banner views) as well as the number of banner click-throughs (number of times a visitor clicks on the ad banner to be redirected to your web site). This information will allow your company to evaluate the effectiveness of the banner your current advertising campaign is based upon.

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