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Arts & History


American Visa
Movie based on the novel by Juan de Recacochea.

Cuestión de Fé
All the details about one of the best Bolivian movies of all time. Movie directed by Paolo Agazzi, 1998.

El Día que Murió el Silencio
Details from the Internet Movie Database.

History, news, and directory of the Bolivian movie industry.

Fundación Cinemateca Boliviana
National films archive founded in 1976.

Pachamama Films
Film production company making films and television programs in Bolivia for international distribution.

Sexual Dependency
Award winning drama directed by Rodrigo Bellot.

Who Killed the White Llama?
Smash comedy hit directed by Rodrigo Bellot

Folk Dance Groups

Bolivian folk group. Stockholm, Sweden.

Asociación de Fraternidades Folklóricas Virgen de Urkupiña
Official site of the Association of folkloric dance groups that participate in the pageant at the Festival of the Virgin of Urkupiña

Caporales Centralistas
Folkloric dance group. Bloque San Miguel. La Paz, Bolivia.

Caporales Universitarios San Simon, Virginia Chapter
Virginia chapter of the Caporales San Simon dance group

INTI Basket
Folk dance and sports group.

Sangre Boliviana
Bolivian folk group in the United States. History, dances, costumes, and music.


Bolivia - Historical Setting
Summary of Bolivia's history from the U.S. Library of Congress.

Bolivia - LANIC
University of Texas. Compiles links to other sites about Bolivia.

History of the Bolivian Flag
Site with the complete history and images of the Bolivian flag.


El Malentendido - Arturo von Vacano
Online book by Bolivian journalist, writer, photographer Arturo von Vacano.

Fundación Literaria Javier del Granado
The foundation seeks to foster the development of literature in Bolivia.

Javier del Granado Literary Foundation
Foundation dedicated to preserving the works of Bolivian poet and writer Javier del Granado

Latinoamérica 2025
History of the future of Hispano-America. Online fiction novel by Fernando Aracena.

Literature of Bolivia
A good list of Bolivian writers and poets.

Making waves: Participatory Communication for Social Change - Alfonso Gumucio Dagron
An examination of innovative projects in the area of social change communications applied in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Free copies can be requested at

Quechua literature
Legends and folk tales in Quechua with summaries in Spanish. Brief history of Quechua literature. Extensive bibliography. Links.


El Molino Formation - Dinosaur Tracks in Bolivia
Detailed scientific information about El Molino, the world's largest dinosaur tracksite.

Proyecto Utopos
Is in charge of the production, coordination, and organization for the fields of dance and theater.


Casa Museo Nuñez del Prado
Displays Quechua and Aymara-theme sculptures by Bolivian artist Marina Nuñez del Prado.

Museo Arqueológico de Tiawanaku
Archeaological Museum of Tiawanaku. Contains 3,500 archeaological pieces excavated since 1990.

Museo de la Casa de la Moneda
Exhibits on silver and gold coining as well as colonial paintings.

Museo de la Coca
Online Museum. Learn all about this plant: from its initial uses as a medicinal herb, to the technology used in the fight against it.

Museo Nacional de Arqueología
National Museum of Archeaology. Displays an interesting collection of faces and reliefs catalogued by region.

Museo Textil Etnográfico ASUR
The Museum consists of a reception room, 7 exhibition rooms, and a hall where the weavers work in order to demonstrate the techniques used and designs created. Sucre, Bolivia.

National Art Museum

The Museum forTextiles
Images of textile pieces from Bolivia and other countries.


AndeanWind Instruments
Retailer of wind instruments (zampoñas, quenas, etc.).

Asociación Internacional De Músicos Andinos A.I.M.A. - (DIVIMAWEB)
Virtual Directory of Andean Musicians and home to Quipu Aymarinka, an Andean music magazine.

Cultures of the Andes, Quechua, Songs, Poems
A mix of music (audio available), poems and nice photos.

Ernesto Cavour
Famous charango player Ernesto Cavour's web pages.

Historia del Charango
History of the charango written by Bolivian musician Ernesto Cavour.

International Charango Society
Community site for players of charango, a traditional Bolivian musical instrument

Folk group KalaMarka's oficial web page. Music, videos, MP3 files and more.

Llajta Música
A collection of Bolivian music in RealAudio format.

Musical group composed by four Bolivian musicians from the Altiplano.

Los Kjarkas
History, photos, discography, and fanclub.

Official Homepage of the Bi-Lingual Rock group.

Music from the Andes
A growing collection of Bolivian music in RealAudio G2.

Música y Danza Autóctona
Information about different types of native dances.

Bolivian rock group.

Pirai Vaca
Home page of a Bolivian master guitarist.

Sociedad Boliviana del Charango
Statement of the group and pictures.


Bolivian Painter Claudia Soria
Online gallery of paintings by Bolivian painter Claudia Soria.

Bolivian Painter Emma Rosario Imana de Murguia
Biography of the artist and some art work samples (Italian).

El Retorno de los Angeles
Amazing online exhibition of Bolivian baroque paintings (angels, archangels, virgins and saints).

Galería de Arte y Cultura de Bolivia
Art and culture gallery. Paintings, masks, enbroideries, books, and videos for sale.

Jorge Crespo Berdecio
Artist in metal work, serigraphy, xilography, and lithography.

Jorge Hurtado's Fine Art Gallery
Works in fine arts, illustration, and graphic design. Nice site.

Mamani Mamani
Collection paintings catalogued by theme: mothers, flowers, archangels, birds among others.

Marcelo Videa - Surrealismo Apechurrado
Surrealist art. Paintings, drawings, sculptures, and ceramic.

Orlando Arias Morales
Creative ecstasy in the works of Bolivian painter Orlando Arias Morales. Portfolio.

Paula Lopez - Art Gallery
Resume, exhibitions and pictures.

Pedro Portugal
Bolivian artist. Paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and murals.

Sanjines Art
Website for Bolivian Artist and Photographer Marcelo Sanjines.

Culture, architecture, and arts center. Paintings, sculptures and books.


A Picture of Bolivia
Photo-gallery showing the city of La Paz and its surroundings, as well as the city of Potosi.

Andean Images
Photographs of the land, people and cultures of the Andes mountains.

Cinemascope - Bolivia
Slide show. Interesting site.

Fotos de Peru y Bolivia
Good photos.

Images of Bolivia | Phil Rice Photographer
Galleries of stunning images of Bolivia by La Paz based photographer Phil Rice.

Laguna Colorada y Laguna Verde
Information and photos about Laguna Colorada. Written in Portuguese.

Madidi Diary
Photographer Joel Sartore finds trouble in paradise. National Geografic. Wonderful and amazing photos.

Photos from the Bolivian Andes
Traverse the Cordillera Real. Good pictures.

Sanjines Art
Website for Bolivian Artist and Photographer Marcelo Sanjines.

Satellite Image La Paz, Bolivia
Image of the city of La Paz created using three radar frequencies.

Tiwanaku, a Photo Gallery
Photo gallery of Tiwanaku, an ancient city near the south shore of Lake Titicaca

Urkupina, 100,000 People at Dawn
Photo gallery about the festivities of the Virgen of Urkupiña celebrated each year in the surroundings of the city of Cochabamba.

Zacarias Garcia Photography
Press, Travel and Documentary Photography in Bolivia


Marilu Guzmán Ceramics
Creates ceramic sculptures with a strong archeological feeling inspired in the Tiawanaku, Inca, and Maya cultures.


Teatro Independiente Boliviano
TIBO. Lists theater groups belonging to the Bolivian Independent Theater organization.

Ullanta Performance Robotics
Theater troupe in which the actors are autonomous robots.


Folk Dance Groups

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