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I Am Rich Potosi

I Am Rich Potosí : The Mountain That Eats Men
I Am Rich Potosí, a book of documentary photography, reveals one of the darkest secrets of Latin American history. It looks closely at the fascinating culture of the present-day miners of Potosí, who work deep within the mountain that was the tomb of their ancestors. Along with 88 finely printed color plates, the work includes an introductory essay by Eduardo Galeano, historical quotes and engravings, and excerpts from the Stephen Ferry's journal.


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Bolivia's maritime problem has been affecting our country since we lost our sea coast to Chile in 1879. Now you can read all documented information online in The United States and the Bolivian Sea Coast by Jorge Gumucio Granier. The Spanish version, Estados Unidos y el Mar Boliviano, is also available online.

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