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Banking, Finance & Investment


Banco Nacional de Bolivia S.A.
Offers a variety of services: checking account, loans, services, credit and debit cards and phone banking. Online transactions.

Banco Santa Cruz
Offers a wide variety of national as well as international services. Online banking available.

Bisa Bank
Commercial bank.

Inter - American Development Bank
The IDB offers a vast array of business opportunities for suppliers of goods and services from each of its 46 member countries.

Finance and Investment

Bisa Agencia de Bolsa
Capital markets operations.

Bisa Leasing
Leasing services.

Bisa Safi
Investment fund management.

BISA Sociedad de Titularizacion
Financial services.

Bolsa Boliviana de Valores S.A.
Bolivian Stock Exchange Market. Financial System, Bolivian Values Market, Members and more.

Financial Group Bisa S.A.
Bank, stock exchange market, insurance, leasing, factoring and warrant services in Bolivia.


BISA Insurance
Insurance & reinsurance services.

La Boliviana Ciacruz S.A.
Complete range of personal and business insurance services.

La Vitalicia Insurance
Life and term insurance.

Nacional Vida Seguros de Personas S.A.
Personal insurance company.


Banking, Finance & Investment
Finance and Investment

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