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Bolivia Web has provided this Bulletin Board in order to facilitate communication among Bolivians and   people interested in Bolivia, scattered all around the world. This Bulletin Board constitutes an alternative to the many spammed bulletin boards out there. As you can deduce, SPAMMING is not allowed in this Bulletin Board. This way we will assure quality of information to all BB members.

Currently, the Bulletin Board has one Forum (Chat Zone) only. Other Forums can be created according to strong users' needs.

You may read or post messages. However, in order to post Topics and/or Replies to messages on this Bulletin Board, you must first Register. Registration is free.

Before entering the Bulletin Board, you MUST read the BB Code of Conduct page. Any posted messages with inappropriate content (ruled out by the Code of Conduct) will be removed from the Forum and the user could face a definitive membership cancellation.

Please read the F.A.Q. as well as the Bulletin Board Definitions section to understand the way the BB properly works.
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